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About Us
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SILVER ZONE is a ISO Certified General Contracting company with its operations based in Abu Dhabi, UAE - SILVER ZONE

We have years of experience in the all type of pipeline applications, we are specializing in HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, PVDF, PPR, PVC & UPVC pipeline Installation, fabrication, relocation & maintenance services.

We don’t just specialize in standard project, we’re experts in developing custom solutions. We enjoy developing new products for our customers, we’ll work smart to ensure that we fulfil all the requirements, whether it’s a standard or custom project.

Our certified factory-trained technicians are knowledgeable in fusion techniques and can provide solutions that meet your project’s needs. The ability to build and install custom HDPE pipes & fittings are core strengths of Silver Zone General Contracting.

--General Contracting in Abu Dhabi--

Our Mission:
Our mission is to lead the industry as the Plastics Experts. That means being committed to solving modern projects through the development of innovative solutions.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to perform for our customers the highest level of quality construction services at fair and market competitive price.

Quality Statement:

Silver Zone General Contracting quality assurance and quality control group is charged with maintaining the quality of the overall HDPE lining installation project, and they are intimate with the processes and the associated document generation and control. Silver Zone Director of Quality will supervise all QA/QC Inspectors – one for each installation crew and one to provide QA/QC on material and maintaining ISO 9001 Standards. The Quality Department trains all individuals to the highest ISO 9001 Quality standards.

Safety Statement:

Silver Zone General Contracting ( Abu Dhabi ) has its own safety and loss prevention section. implementation of safety practices is direct responsibility of our safety officer & every individual in the company, its mandatory that all the employees working in the company must attend safety awareness course, TBT which is conducted by safety department on daily, weekly & monthly basis.


Leading General Contracting based in Abu Dhabi but our on site services including  Dubai, Alain, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ruwais etc

HDPE Pipeline Laying & Installation

We are ISO Certified Leading HDPE pipeline installation company in uae with pipe size ranging Dia 20mm to 1200mm.

PPR, PVC, & UPVC Pipeline Installation

We are ISO Certified Leading HDPE pipeline installation company in uae with pipe size ranging Dia 20mm to 315mm.

HDPE Pipe & Fittings Leak Rectification

We have a team of expert supervisors & technician which is ready & responds 24/7/365 for emergency maintenance pipeline works. Give us a call today to learn more about our services!

HDPE Fusion Machine Supply

We have been supplying HDPE Butt fusion welding machines ranging from 32mm to 1200mm. Our welding machines are affordable , reliable and high quality with low maintenance in Abu Dhabi-UAE.

HDPE Fusion Machine Rental

We have all type of fusion machine & a expert team of technician for rental services, Our machine rental division allow us to rent our machine with or without technician. 

HDPE Pipes & Fittings Supply

SILVER ZONE is the best hdpe pipe fittings supplier with good quality of HDPE pipe fittings up to 1200mm utilities for water transmission & distribution system throughout the GCC countries

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“Kiron Hasan”

Silver Zone made the entire process comfortable and a pleasant experience 5 STARS to them.

(08 Reviews)

“Mohammad Asif”

One of the best HDPE Pipeline & Maintenance solution provider with best prices.

(03 Reviews)

“Iqram Ahmed”

I need not go anywhere for Machine Repair they really provide superb services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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01.Is HDPE pipe safe for drinking water?

Yes. HDPE pipes certified for potable water applications are produced from pressure rated polyethylene compounds approved by NSF for public drinking water service.

02.How does the use of HDPE pipe save money for a utility?

HDPE pipe provides the lowest life cycle cost when compared to other systems due to significantly reduced or no leakage, increased billable dollars, water conservation, fewer new water-treatment plants, reduced maintenance crews, reduced seasonal water-main breaks, and no loss in flow capacity over the long term. Refer to paper by CSIRO, Life Cycle Analysis of Water Networks, presented at Plastics Pipe XIV, Budapest, 2008.

03.Is HDPE pipe a green solution for piping?

Yes. It is safe when manufactured, used, or incinerated. It helps preserve water and electricity as there is no loss of water through the fused joint.

04.What are the recommended procedures to pressure test a HDPE pipeline?

HDPE pipe should be pressure tested in accordance with PPI recommendations, (NOTE: other bell and spigot pipes are tested differently than HDPE – i.e. allowable leakage rates of bell and spigot versus expansion of PE ) For detailed information on this subject, refer to Chapter 2 of PPI’s Handbook of Polyethylene Pipe, 2nd ed. and to ASTM F2164, Standard Practice for Field Leak Testing of Polyethylene (PE) Pressure Piping Systems Using Hydrostatic Pressure.

05.How do I repair HDPE pipe if the ditch is full of water?

If the ditch can be dewatered and the pipe dried off, fusion repair may be used. Otherwise a mechanical repair is recommended. Also, refer to PPI TN-35, General Guidelines Repairing Buried HDPE Potable Water Pressure Pipes.

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