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HDPE Electrofusion Welding machine

Electro Fusion Machine In abu dhabi

HDPE Electrofusion Welding machine

Two universal HDPE electrofusion welding machine units for PE- and PP-fittings up to 400 and up to 1200 mm diameter.

in addition, Our Electro Fusion welding machines are affordable, reliable and high quality with low maintenance & we supply machines ranging from 32mm to 1200mm.


Handheld Barcode Scanner
Waterproof Carry Case
Supplied with 4mm and 4.7mm connection pins
Machine is equipped NEMA 120V 30 amp twist lock plug and adapter for standard 120V wall outlets
Handheld manual pipe scraper
3 year Calibration Interval (AutoCal Compatible)
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Electro fusion machine

HDPE Electrofusion Welding machine


The Roughneck Electrofusion Processor is a reliable, easy-to-use, rugged tool designed to withstand conditions found at typical construction sites throughout the world.

Is splash proof and highly shock resistant.

Can fuse all manufacturers’ fittings requiring outputs that are within the voltage and current values listed below.

Three welding modes of operation: Barcode Scanner, Manual Entry and Manual Barcode Entry

Has an intuitive user interface that is easy to learn.

Built in Data-logger with internal memory for data storage.

Fusion data can be downloaded to your smartphone to document installation conditions and fusion cycle status using the Free Iphone or Android EF Utilities Application.
Capable of scanning and recording both ASTM F2897-11 and ISO 12176-4 Traceability barcodes.

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